Issues experienced within the utilization of the literature review and how to solve them

Issues experienced within the utilization of the literature review and how to solve them

In this specific article, postgraduate students can learn about the issues experienced when you look at the utilization of the literary works review and techniques to re solve them.

Not enough literature on the subject

When searching both domestic and literature that is foreign focus on the search words utilized by you: issues with the look for literary works could be due to the utilization of wrong terms.

For several scientific areas, domestic boffins did not as research than foreign people. Consequently, when you yourself have not discovered domestic literary works about them, maybe you are in a position to find out international literary works. To start with, you ought to rely on the Medline database.

You need to adjust the plan of the defense based on real possibilities if you still can not find literature on your topic. The current situation should be reported to the scientific leader in a timely manner at the same time. In medical works, for instance, you are able to post materials on epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, center, treatment and diagnosis types of the examined illness, along with don’t you have an essay to write historic guide.

In the event that review is dedicated to the research of this effectiveness for the treatment method, it’s possible to outline:

  • its history,
  • system of action,
  • its application and its own effectiveness in several industries of medicine;
  • description of alternative treatments with an emphasis on their effectiveness that is insufficient of application, negative effects, etc.

So that you can avoid this case, it is strongly suggested that during the stage of number of literature, choose all materials which may be of good use.

Inadequate number of the review

There are many techniques to boost the range of this study:

  • replace the wording by entering phrases that are additional sentences. Slight escalation in volume.
  • include additional things – the essential radical technique. You can add not containing important info, but big by number of information – a historic reference, the etiology of this disease. Often such information, perhaps not carrying a semantic load, is just a description associated with the pathogenesis associated with the infection.
  • in the event that sources are presented by means of numbers – replace them by “last name + year”, while including names that are several the mention of one supply. Enables you to raise the amount to 5 pages.

Inadequate quantity of sourced elements of literary works

Most frequently there is certainly a number that is insufficient of sources. This issue is fixed very easily – by searching the literature in the electronic catalogs regarding the CB and also the PubMed database.

The sum total amount of sources may be increased because of the introduction of paragraphs, containing a lot of links and extra background information, as an example:

Many respected reports of domestic (…) and foreign (…) scientists have now been devoted to the study for the dilemmas of treatment of illness X.

Existence of old sources within the review can also be a characteristic that is negative. The search within the PubMed database allows not only to find interesting all about the subject, but also represents the way that is simplest to resolve the issue for the not enough recommendations in the last few years.

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